Friday, May 29, 2015

The 2015 Garden!

And it's tripled in size!

This is the before picture (above). 

This is after I planted (below).

Bed #1 (this is the existing bed from last year) has lots of different types of squash (green, acorn, butternut, more green), and cucumbers. 

Bed #2 (this is the bed Morgan built earlier this spring, like as soon as the ground thawed, and it's parallel to the original bed) has lots of different types of lettuce, beets, watermelon radishes (if you're going to eat radishes these are the best), turnips, and carrots. These were planted a few weeks ago. 

Bed #3 (came about just 2 weeks ago after much pleading on my part, "but where will I plant my potatoes and green beans?") turns out this is where I ended up planting my tomatoes and peppers and some pumpkins down the center. There was no scientific reasoning for this, just that I had already planted a squash plant in bed #1 and I like to group similar plants together. Also, bed #1 had tomatoes and peppers grow there last year. So in the interest of crop rotation, it made sense. I didn't end up planting any green beans because I ran out of room. And potatoes are in a separate bed. I also ran out of room for these, but was able to squeeze them in where my berry bramble was last year, where I squeezed in pepper plants. 

The berry bramble didn't do so well last year. It still has a few berry plants, but it also had room for something else. It's probably not good to grow potatoes and berries in the same bed, but eh.  We'll see what happens.

Now we wait!