Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Habanero Problems

Just when I thought, "Everything's going great! I have nothing to talk about!" This happens. What is this? My habanero pepper plant lost all of its leaves. 

Let's back up. These plants were doing really well in their cell packs. Sometimes I like to compare my plants to the ones in stores and mine looked better! 

When I transplanted everything, I didn't have room in the garden so I decided to put 2 habaneros in pots so I could take them with us when we move in a few weeks and gave away the rest. 

Everything was looking good. I even read that a little bit of cold (but not frost) was good for pepper plants (but not eggplant). 

Then I noticed a few leaves had fallen off. Then a few more. Now they're nothing but twigs. This is a bad sign. 

But I have no idea what exactly "this" is. 

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