Saturday, June 30, 2012

Les Courgettes!

We have zucchini! I mean we really have zucchini! When I visited the garden about 10 days ago (last Wednesday), we had one very small zucchini. After the weekend (Monday), there was a serious thunderstorm that kept me from going to the garden. Then I was out of town again for 3 nights. On Friday we finally went to see how everything was doing...


We have 6! 3 were enormous and 3 were about the size they should be to be picked. I had heard that really large zucchini wouldn't taste good, but surprisingly the one we ate was delicious. We sliced it, baked it, and topped it with marinara sauce.

I love zucchini. My only problem now is that my CSA (community supported agriculture) also gave us zucchini this past week. We're going to have to find a lot of interesting zucchini recipes!

I'm not even sure these pictures fully convey the size of our zucchini!

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