Monday, June 4, 2012

My Garden Plan

Here's the diagram of my garden!

You'll notice some space around the green bean teepee (the circle named "green beans"). Right now I have 3 heads of lettuce on each side. These will be done in a few weeks when it gets too hot for lettuce to grow. Lettuce (some types) bolt (flower and go to seed) in the heat. I've already started some bush beans indoors and will fit those in around the teepee so no space is wasted. And then we'll have more beans!

T=tomato with specific heirloom name written next to it
G=grape tomato
R=roma tomato
BP=banana pepper
P=pepper with heirloom name written next to it

I grew everything myself from seed except the heirlooms. Oh, also, as an aside, I've never felt like more of a nerd than when I drew this diagram. But I also never felt more like a gardener either.

*It's not to scale, obviously.

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