Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I realize I never posted a picture of the finished compost bin! It's a 3-bin system. It needs a top to keep out wild life, but I figured for the winter it'd be ok. Or maybe this will be fine as it will allow rain to get in. We'll see. 

We moved it further back in the yard and filled it with leaves. Then it got covered in snow and froze for the winter, but we kept filling it with kitchen scraps. I'm hoping it'll heat up over the summer and start cooking. 

My dilemma is that it's too far from the house in the winter.  I had to walk out there in thigh deep snow the other day. But if it's any closer to the house it will be too close in the summer (when I suspect it'll be a hot steaming pile of rotting kitchen scraps). Plus, it'll be difficult to move because it's heavy and because it's filled and doesn't have a bottom. 

Any suggestions?

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