Thursday, April 3, 2014

So far so good, but not without a few hiccups

We've got tomatoes, peppers (3 different kinds), carrots, and at least one pumpkin plant coming in strong! The lettuce is looking a little weak. I'm going to try replanting them in a windowsill box and putting them outside since temperatures are expected to be mild this week. 

Those are the carrot seedlings on the left. They worry me the most because I'd love to get them in the ground sometime soon, but our night temps are still unpredictable. I'm going to have to look into making or buying a cold frame ASAP. 

The tomatoes and peppers are just fine indoors for a while longer. They have a heat mat and a lamp on them so they're all set for a while. 

And in the past week, the backyard went from this:

To this:

Aaah. Spring is finally coming! And boy do we have work to do on our yard! We have big plans this year to level it off, finally fill in the hole where the above ground pool came out of (last fall the ground froze sooner than we thought so we didn't quite finish that project) and we're putting a fence around the yard to keep the pup in. I've also requested permission from the town to have pet chickens! More details to follow!

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