Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Seedlings

The garden is all I can think about lately. I realized that with the plants I'm growing and the 10 plants I ordered, I might have about 35 plants in my 5'x20' garden plot. Gulp.

It breaks down like this:
6 heirloom sweet pepper plants (varied)
4 heirloom tomato plants (varied)
6 banana pepper plants
7 eggplants
6 Roma tomatoes
5 grape tomatoes

That doesn't include the green beans and cranberry beans I want to start. Ad carrots and zucchini! I can do without carrots but I won't go another year without zucchini. I considered giving away some plants but I like the challenge of having too much and I want to have enough to preserve. So...I'm going forward with this every plant (as of today).

The Carden is being used off and on, weather permitting (meaning it has to be a clear sunny day). My check for the garden cleared and I'm just waiting for details on plot assignments.

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