Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Stake Through the Heart!

Last summer I grew 4 tomato plants, 5 eggplant, and 3 pepper plants. Some were bush variety and didn't require any cages or stakes, but some definitely did. At first I thought I would stake them. "That's like putting a stake right through the plants heart!" my dad exclaimed. So I bought 3 fancy cages for not that much money and they were happy all summer long. "Why doesn't everyone use cages!?" I wondered.

This year I have 35 plants going in, almost all of them need cages or stakes and now I see why people aren't using cages. They're not cheap! I have the 3 from last year, but that's definitely not going to cut it.

This week's mission is to find affordable cages an aside, landscape fabric to prevent weeds. This year I am rectifying the mistakes of last year.

Saturday I'm picking up my garden keys and Sunday I'll be prepping to soil. I can't wait!

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