Sunday, May 6, 2012

As of May 6, 2012...

 The plot on the left is what my plot looked liked before I cleared it (I forgot to take a before picture; I was too excited to get to work on it). The picture on the right is how I left it after clearing out the landscaping fabric and weeds.  I kept the rosemary plant because it didn't make sense to remove it.  I will work my plot plan around it.

After I mixed in soil builder and fertilizer, I laid out where I wanted each plant to go.  I made my plot plan online using and then laid out each plant to make sure I had spaced them properly.  It's not an exact science, and it didn't come out perfectly, but almost everything fit!  Morgan helped weed the walkways and plant about half of the seedlings.

I ended up giving away 2 banana pepper seedlings to another gardener, but I planted one more zucchini than I had planned for.  The banana peppers are a bit of a wild card and I still have 5 planted. I also managed to squeeze in some lettuce and maybe some bok choy (if they come up).

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