Friday, May 18, 2012

Bad News Bok Choy

I planted Bok Choy a few weeks ago-that's not the bad news. I sort of remember where I planted it-that's not the bad news either. It looks no different than any other part of the garden-THAT'S the bad news!! And it has tiny weeds coming up-MORE bad news!! I think this year's garden is going to be over run by weeds-bad news AGAIN!!

I might have to move mulching up to this weekend. Oh, but then Morgan would miss out on all the mulching fun because he's out of town this weekend. I should wait for him!

Tomorrow I'll visit the garden to water it and hand pull a few weeds. I'm also going to (try to) figure out what's going on with my Bok Choy.

PS-On 5/16 I started heat tolerant lettuce (2 varieties) in the pot I mentioned on Monday. So far....nothing. But as always I have high hopes for it!

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